Space Structures Company Ltd. (SSC) is the developer and proprietor of the highly versatile ME-SSP® Space Frame System. This system spans large areas, is easy to install and low in cost, while maintaining high degrees of quality and safety. The company’s Head office is located in Al-Khobar & Factory in Dammam Second Industrial area in Saudi Arabia. It is affiliated with Saudi Steel Pipe Co., (SSP) at Saudi Arabia.

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The Space Structures Company (SC) Ltd is pleased to present the ME-SSP* Space Frame System, a result of an innovative process of our Research and Development efforts for the past decade.
The ME-SSP° Space Frame System is based on Multi-hinge concept (originally conceived in USA and marketed as Pearce Systerns International Inc.), and offers a structurally efficient joint system that could be designed to any degree of moment and axial force capacity. The maior developments achieved are twofold, one being the incorporation of a diametric transition zone to facilitate a lesser eccentric placement of connecting bolts. This is constructed by swagging of pipe ends to merge onto inserted solid metallic rods. The other innovation was a fabrication format where the three-dimensional geometric form is mapped onto a two-dimensional cylindrical coordinate system. This has greatly simplified the fabrication of complex geometric forms, thus rendering a cost effective ME-SSP° Space Frame System. This presentation highlights the attributes of the ME. SSP* Space Frame System. The structures presented cover a wide range including Entrance Canopies, Roofs of all types providing shades over Security Gates, Swimming Pools, Building Building Courtyards and School Compounds.

A modern trend is for architects to create buildings and public spaces that are novel and inviting, by formulating designs that exhibit far more curvature than has been seen before. The space frame structures allow any architect to affordably add a statement to the structures he designs.

This is exemplified in frequent use of space frame structures to provide the theme at many entertainment, recreational and commercial facilities. One of the essential advantages of space frame structural systems is their relative lightweight, especially for large span roofs where the self weight constitute a major component of the total load. The lightness of the space frame members contribute to the rationality and economy of the structural system. Production and construction techniques of spaceframes are industrialised to a greater extent than in any other conventional structural system. The linear elements are pretabricated so that the jointing work at the site is relatively simple.

The lightweight of the individual elements contributes to significant reductions in the cost of transport and erection. In addition, space frame structures are sufficiently stiff in spite of their lightness due to the inherent three dimensional character and to the full participation of the constituent elements.


Services Provided by the Space Structures Co. (SSC)SCC stands ready to help & assist owners, contractors, and consultants with all their needs and requirements of space frame applications to their projects. Even prior to any contructual obligations, SCC engineers can visit the owner’s site to provide ideal application of the space frame solution to the clients requirements; selection of ideal modulation, optimal location of supports, approximate cost estimate along with alternate caldding systems. For contractors, SSC provides full technical support, completely free of charge. Examples of this support are preliminary cost estimates, alternative cladding systems such as single skin sheeting, insulated sandwich panels, multitude of polycarbonate and glazing systems. For architects and consulting houses, The SCC services go even further, starting with goemetric AutoCAD layouts of the space frame, along with cost estimates and design analysis package by the STAAD Pro program to determine the ultimate support reactions. These reaction forces can the be carried down to other parts of the supporting structure. All of the above serivces are provided to the end users of space frames completely free of charge. If an end user decides to enter to into contructual agreement with SSC to design, fabricate, deliver and erect a space frame both as an independent structure or as integral part of another structure, then the SSC teams shall provide a list of services that can be grouped into three stages, namely:

1. Design Stage:- In the design process and after a purchase order is placed, the engineers at SSC will compile a complete design package for submitttal to the client for his scrutiny and approval. The design documents shall include, among others, the space framce geometry, loading specification, complete structural analysis results, listing of member forces, nodal displacements and support reaction. The members size selection and the corresponding critical design criteria are also listed. Loading are commonly base on the ASCE requirements and are executed on the propriety STAAD Pro Structural analysis software. Additional special clients loading criteria can also be incorporated in the analysis and design model.

2. Fabrication Stage:- Upon final approval of the client to the geometry , loading and the member selection of the design package, the SSC transfer the space frame project to the fabrication stage; An in-house computer generated “Fabrication Package Software” ensures an accuracy in fabrication that does not exceed 0.5mm and 30″ seconds tolerance in the placement of flanges on member ends. Other Clients requirements such as hot-dipped galvanizing and polyester powder coating to the RAL color spectrum are executed here.

3. Erection Stage:- Upon completion of the fabrication process, SSC delivers the space structure to the client’s site. Erection of space frame is executed by trained and certified space frame erection teams. Mobile scaffolding is the predominant form of member-by-member assembly of space frames, but other erection procedures may be utilized depending on the sige condition; Full assembly on ground and lifting by cranes into position is also possible. Segment assembly of space frame sections is yet another option.The entire delivery, erection and commissioning process is under the full responsibility of the SSC engineers at all times, until the project is handed over to the client, upon which the project enters the agreed upon guarantee stage.

ME-SSP Member List:-
Below are the three main ” Member List” for standard ERW pipes utilized in the manufacture of the ME-SSP Space Frame System. For further data on the physical and structural properties of these pipes kindly refer to Saudi Steel Pipe (SSP) catalogues or visit their websites (


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