About Space Structures Co. Ltd.

Space Structures Company Ltd. (SSC) is the developer and proprietor of the highly versatile ME-SSP® Space Frame System. This system spans large areas, is easy to install and low in cost, while maintaining high degrees of quality and safety. The company’s Head office is located in Al-Khobar & Factory in Dammam Second Industrial area in Saudi Arabia. It is affiliated with Saudi Steel Pipe Co., (SSP) at Saudi Arabia. This unique system utilizes the propriety (multi flange 6 ™) connection concept. In this concept, tubular members are connected directly to one another, without the intermediary of a connector hub or external mode. The introduction of flange 6™ after years of research in space frame added versatility, flexibility and strength to our versatile system. It also improved the architectural appearance of the joints and made erection of space frame at the site easier and faster. Among the many application of the ME-SSP® system, are the following:-

Airport Facilities, Warehouses / Factories, Architectural Monuments, Exhibition Halls, Showrooms,
Recreational and Sports Areas, Commercial and Shopping Malls, Atriums and Courtyard Areas,
Car Park Shades, Building Canopies and Facades, Gas / Petrol Stations, Mosques and Many more…

Space structures company Ltd., main activities are the design, fabrication, supply and installation of space frame structures .The Company is dedicated to promote this system in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as around world.